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 Historical Roots of Apostolic Christianity

Since the historical roots of Orthodoxy can be traced back to the Christ and the apostles, let us begin here. At the beginning of apostolic tradition, there were several Christian communities which were largely autocephalous. These communities perceived themselves as having an apostolic connection to the apostles through their presbyter-bishops who were considered as successors to the apostles. This ministerial lineage of the apostolic succession has continued down through history to the present day. As these communities grew over the centuries, there developed a communion or union of these apostolic churches, commonly called the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. These are commonly held to include the Roman Catholic Church, and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. While there are differences in doctrinal opinion, sacramental devotion and liturgical practice, the essentials of the Christian faith are practiced. Since the year 1054, the above Churches have not been in intercommunion with each other.

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 Liturgical Diversity In The Early Church

In the early apostolic communities there appeared divergences in the manner the Eucharist was celebrated. There were mixed cultures, local traditions, ideologies and methodologies. Antioch, Alexandria, Constantinople, Jerusalem, Rome and other churches established definite patterns of worship based largely on their local cultures. Hymns, formats, incense and vestments began gradually to become more and more fixed. It was no small wonder that varying types of Eucharistic prayers and liturgies would emerge. It seems that the unity of the Church did not require uniformity of liturgical rites. These liturgical variations were well tolerated and even elaborated upon.

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Liturgical Rites

The Christian Orthodox Church accepts both Eastern and Western Rites.

Eastern Rite: Orthodox Church

The Liturgy according to St. John Chrysostom stands out as the most paramount of all liturgies in the Orthodox Church.

Western Rite In America: St. Tikhon

By 1904, Archbishop Tikhon established in America a plan allowing National Orthodox Churches with their own bishops, to enjoy an autonomous status. Western rite Orthodoxy grew out of these autonomous jurisdictions. As a result, there now exists in America, Western Rite Orthodox Churches which are associated with various canonical Orthodox Churches.

Both liturgies enhance true expression of the life and resurrection of Christ, accompanied by singing or chanting which convey the liturgical realities of the Orthodox Church.


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